Dry Nail Polish Faster with Everyday Items

Hey gorgeous people! I know that I’m not the only one when I say that the one super annoying thing that we all have to deal with is waiting for our nails to dry (First world problems ikr). First of all, it’s so annoying because it prevents you from doing a lot of things (like eating chips… I mean come on right…) and we’d have to wait for ages until we can actually do something normally. Second of all, one bump and it’s all ruined. Imagine spending P500 or an hour perfectly doing your nails and 3 seconds later it gets ruined just because you accidentally brushed it on your hair… In order for us to prevent wasting our time, money and effort here are 3 ways we can dry nail polish faster with EVERYDAY THINGS because sometimes we just don’t have time to buy quick dry spray or polish (you feel me?).

  1. BLOW DRYER: Blow it up


Instead of wasting your breath trying to blow on your newly painted nails, get your blow dryer and turn it to the COOL setting and just swirl it around your nails until they’re dry.

  1. FREEZER or ICE COLD WATER: Freeze it up


The cold hardens nail polish, so what better way to dry your nail polish than to harden it! You can either stick your nails in your freezer or refrigerator for about a minute or so, or pull out a bowl fill it in with ice cubes and cold water then stick your nails in and BOOM your nails will be dry and on fleek in no time!



Non stick cooking spray does a very good job of drying the tip coat of your nail polish and it protects your nails from accidentally brushing up against something which prevents you from having those super annoying marks on freshly painted nails. Just make sure to wash your hands after!

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  1. Katie says:

    IT’S SO SHORT & SWEET and buzzfeed-ish I LOVE IT

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