NYX Matte Bronzer Review

Early this year I finished my search… for the perfect matte. In the past, I’ve tried bronzers with shimmer and it just made me realise that I actually really dislike having shimmer on my face. And I’ve also tried matte bronzers which were total fails because they either didn’t have enough pigmentation or couldn’t stay on my face long enough. So I was so excited when I heard about the NYX Matte Bronzer.




The NYX Matte Bronzer comes in a very sturdy, sleek, glossy black compact that looks very classy with a high end touch, that is actually very hard to come across when buying affordable bronzers.


The compact is quite big, almost the size of my palm, and when you open it you get a very big mirror on top and the product on the bottom. I love love love the packaging, definitely 5 stars!


The NYX Matte Bronzer contains 0.33 oz of product, which can actually last you quite some time. The bronzer is 100% matte, there is absolutely no hint of shimmer or sparkle in it, which I love!


Since it is very matte, it can double as a contouring shade. This bronzer is very blendable and doesn’t have a lot of fallout. (And as you can see I love this bronzer so much that I’m so close to hitting pan!)

  • Pigmentation: super pigmented, which is why only a light hand is needed when using this because one swoosh of a brush and you’re good to go and it does not create patches on cheeks
  • Texture: very soft texture, glides very smoothly on your skin
  • Smell: odorless
  • Product Life: 18 months
  • Price: P590 (very affordable!)

IMG_0440 copy.jpg

It stays on my skin for about 6 hours without a primer so I don’t really find the need to retouch a lot. I love this bronzer so much because it creates very natural looking depths and shadows on my face. This is my go to bronzer and I wear it in a DEEP TAN (MBB05) which is a little too dark for my skin tone, but that’s okay because since it is very pigmented I only use a bit of it then just blend it in to give my face natural looking shadows and dimensions. This way I don’t have to buy a new one that often.


I definitely recommend this to all of you because it is very affordable, matte, long wearing, blendable and highly pigmented.

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