Urban Decay NAKED Basics Palette Review

Today I will be reviewing my holy grail when it comes to eye shadows- the FIRST Naked BASICS palette, because I feel that this palette gets overlooked a lot of the time and I just can’t take that because this palette is just amazing and definitely one of the makeup products you need to have in your collection.

IMG_0534 (1).jpg


IMG_0537 (1).jpg 

The Naked Basics Palette comes in a very smooth, almost rubberized, nude, rectangular compact casing. The weight of it is perfect, not too heavy but heavy enough to make it feel sturdy and substantial.

IMG_0538 (1).jpg

It is very minimalistic and delightfully compact that it is hard to believe that there are 6 full-sized shadows in it. It’s a very portable size; perfect to carry around everyday or for travel since the rubberized packaging allows stains and dirt to be wiped off easily.

IMG_0539 (1).jpg
When you open it up, you get the 6 eyeshadows and a huge mirror!


IMG_0540 (1).jpg

The palette has a variation of neutrals from light to dark colors with 3 in the light beige and cream category while the other 3 are in the medium to dark browns, which are mostly matte except for the one shimmery highlighting color (Venus).

IMG_0445 copy.jpg

6 Colors:

  • Venus (neutral light beige) creamy white color with shimmer
  • Foxy (yellow undertone cream) matte finish
  • Walk of Shame (slight pink undertone beige) matte finish
  • Naked 2 (neutral soft taupe) a little brown, a touch of gray with a matte finish.
  • Faint (medium-dark brown) hint of warmth and a matte finish.
  • Crave (deep brown undertone dark black) matte finish


  • Application: smooth easy application and I only experienced some creasing after over 6 hours
  • Pigmentation: the last 3 shades definitely have better pigmentation than the first 3 lighter ones (which is expected), but nevertheless still strong pigmentation overall
  • Texture: more powdery than buttery, which can cause fallout especially if you are harsh with your eye shadows (which I am so I ALWAYS have to deal with fallout) and this is one of the downsides to this palette.
  • Price: P1700 


This is definitely my go-to eye shadow palette because it is very compact so I can bring it anywhere and everywhere I go. This palette has all the shades I need to create a natural eye shadow look and my favorite neutral matte smokey eye.

IMG_0445 copy.jpg

I mostly use the last 3 shades because I find the first 3 shades to be a bit chalky and doesn’t stay on my skin as well as the darker colors do.

Another reason why I love this palette is because I don’t only use it for my eyelids but for my brows too! If you haven’t tried so already, try using Crave (the last eye shadow) as eyebrow powder and I kid you not it is amazing. It is very long lasting and since it’s a very close to black it gives you very natural looking brows. Just make sure not to use too much on your brows because that could go very wrong haha. If use an angled or precision brush you’ll also be able to use Crave as an eyeliner!

So what more do you need? 6 amazing eyeshadow colors that can act as a eyeliner and an eyebrow powder as well! 3 in 1 ahaha 🙂 I absolutely recommend this to all of you because you will get so much use out of this palette 😀

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