Lipstick Hacks

Hey gorgeous people! I will be sharing with you guys 9 lipstick hacks that I’ve learnt over the years – different methods of applying lipstick, uses of lipstick, ways to exfoliate and just tricks you can do using lipstick!

1. Exfoliate lips with a mascara wand


Smooth, exfoliated lips are a must when wearing lipstick, especially matte lipstick because we don’t want our dead skin or lip cracks being exposed, but sometimes we just don’t have an exfoliator with us. So what you can do is APPLY LIP BALM or PETROLEUM JELLY on your lips, then get a clean MASCARA WAND and just BRUSH IT ON YOUR LIPS up and down then left to right. This will get rid of all the dead skin and leave you with super smooth lips!

2. Lipstick as a blush


I’m pretty sure you’ve all heard this before, but not all of you have probably tried it. Well, honestly, it works amazing! All you have to do is swipe a line of lipstick across your cheek then BLEND, BLEND, BLEND! Just treat it like you would a cream blush because it is literally the same thing. You can blend by simply using your fingers, a sponge or a beauty blender.

Here it is after I blended it simply by using my fingers 🙂

3. Broken eyeshadow or blush as lip color


Whenever we have broken eyeshadow or blush, we usually think that that’s the end of them. BUT IT IS NOT. They can reincarnate as a gorgeous lip color!


All you have to do is put some of the crushed “broken” product onto a spoon, add some lip balm or petroleum jelly and mix. You’ll see that it makes such a pigmented lip color!

Here is the end product! Super pigmented!

4. Opaque looking and precise lip application


If you want opaque, very thick looking lipstick that is applied precisely all you need to do it use a concealer brush! It will make it so much easier to line your lips and apply the lipstick, and the brush packs so much product that it makes your lipstick so opaque on your lips!

5. “Stained” lip effect


However, if you have a lipstick but want more of a “stained” lip effect that lip stains look like, then all you need to do is use a BLENDING or EYESHADOW brush and just gently pat the product on your lips.

6. Lipstick that will last for ages


For lipstick that will last for ages all you need to do is apply it right! So after you swipe lipstick, put a TISSUE OVER your lips, then DUST TRANSPARENT POWDER on it and this will lock your lip color instantly!

7. Bring out the true color with concealer or foundation


I think all of us have experienced buying a gorgeous lipstick shade and end up realising that it looks so different swatched than on our lips. This could be because your lip has too much red or pink tones to it that it alters the color of the lipstick. So what you can do is apply CONCEALER or FOUNDATION on your lips and I guarantee you that this will bring out the true color of the lipstick.

8. Let concealer make it clean



I don’t know if it’s just me but I never apply my lipstick perfectly. So one thing you can do after you badly apply your lipstick is to line the edges of your lips with concealer and this just makes your lipstick pop more and look super duper clean.


9. Larger lips


One of the things that a woman really wants are larger, more plump lips. A super easy way to achieve this is to pat concealer on the middle part of your lips, then just apply your lipstick over it. This highlights the middle part of your lips and makes it appear so much plumper.

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  1. Katie says:

    OMG i used to do the lipstick as blush & concealer on lips but i thought it was weird so i stopped NOW IMA GO BACK AND TRY THESE ❤ SO HELPFUL


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    1. Raya Cordova says:

      AHAHA TY ❤ ❤ ❤


  2. yakshikha09kashyap says:

    This is so helpful.. loved this post..😊


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