L’Orèal False Lash Butterfly Mascara

Product: L’Orèal False Lash Butterfly Mascara

Cost: Free

Hello gorgeous people! So I received my L’Orèal package yesterday and when I saw what I got, I just couldn’t wait to write a review. If you want to see the products I got just click here. I love L’Orèal because their products have such an amazing quality and they have the most elegant packaging ever. So, let’s get on to the review.


The mascara comes in a very sleek, metallic silver cocoon-shaped tube with blue lines that mimic the silhouette of butterfly wings. It is very light yet sturdy, which is a huge plus since it makes it very travel friendly.



The one thing I love about the packaging is that it has a flat edge to it, which makes setting it on a table so much easier, since it won’t roll over and fall like some of my other mascaras do.



When you twist open and close the tube, it locks into place, which I actually love about products because it makes me feel secure that I’ve actually closed my product and it won’t end up spilling (might be a bit weird but that’s just me haha).


The plastic wand of this mascara is very unique- it’s a “C” shaped brush with a butterfly-wing shape (hence the name of the mascara).


On one side of the wand, the criss cross style bristles are longer, which are great because they make it so much easier to put product on your outer corner lashes, while the shorter bristles separate and volumize.


This mascara has “butterfly wing effect fibers”, which basically means that it is a fiber mascara. Fiber mascaras are a type of mascaras that contain tiny fibers (made of silk or rayon), which basically clings on to lashes and binds them to make them look way longer, fuller and thicker.


The formula is more on the wet side than the dry side but that’s a good thing for me because it makes for easy application and although it is more on the wet side, it dries super quickly.


It is also super black which give off the illusion of fake eyelashes. Also the staying power of this mascara is insane. It honestly lasts for more than 8 hours and because of the fibers, it holds the curls for the entire day (even for super straight Asian lashes like mine) and it doesn’t smudge at all.


The only minimal downside to this product is the fragrance. It has quite a chemical fragrance, but to be completely honest when applying mascara, smell is the last thing on my mind.





I ended up absolutely loving this mascara because it does an amazing job lengthening, volumizing and curling my lashes and stays on for ages without smudging. If you want to get this mascara you can buy it at Zalora for only P500 and if you use my discount code: ZBAPZFGF you can even get 15% off! 🙂

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