Ever Bilena Matte Lipsticks Review

Hello gorgeous people! A few people have been asking me for suggestions for good quality YET affordable matte lipsticks, and I haven’t been able to give an answer because good quality matte lipsticks usually don’t come at a cheap price. The cheapest matte lipstick that I’ve ever been obsessed with is the NYX Matte Lip Cream (P399) but I’ve really been on the hunt for matte lipsticks I can recommend that are REALLY affordable… so below P300. Thankfully the makeup gods have heard me, since a few days ago Ever Bilena sent me a package containing some of their products including their matte lipsticks! I’m so excited to try these out, so let’s get on with the review.

 Here are the lippies!IMG_2048.jpg

 They come in black boxes with the lipstick shades on one end. I received the shades: Toast of New York, Glam Red and 2 in the shade Vivid Violet.IMG_2043.jpg

The lippies come in a minimalistic black rectangular case with a silver tube, and what I like about the packaging is that the top of the cap is the shade of the lipstick, which makes it super easy to spot. However, the packaging is pretty flimsy, whenever I put it in my makeup bag that cap always seems to detach.

I absolutely love minimalistic black packaging because they are perfect for flatlays 😉


Texture: It’s very creamy and soft and glides on your lips easily. Another good thing about this is that it doesn’t patch. I’m someone who really likes to pack and layer my lipsticks and usually that causes patches but I haven’t encountered that using these.IMG_2042.jpg

Staying Power: It actually stays on quite a long time without having to retouch- around 3-4 hours without a lip primer. IMG_5444.jpg

Pigmentation: The pigmentation for all the lippies is actually quite amazing- I just had to swipe the lipstick on my arm thrice and if you take a look at it, the color already comes out very rich.IMG_5488.jpg

 Matte-ness: Honestly I was actually quite surprised that it turned out pretty matte (just a tiny bit of shine). Also, it doesn’t dry out your lips AS LONG AS you moisturize or exfoliate before you put it on. IMG_2041.jpg

 Shade 1: GLAM RED

I’m not really a fan of red lipsticks because it doesn’t really go well with my complexion but let’s try this out. And yes, the lipstick is dented… some of their lipsticks are just too “tall” so when you close it, the tip of the lipsticks hit the lid. IMG_2046.jpg

 Here it is swatched, a very rich scarlet-cherry-crimson red. IMG_5460.jpg

 Glam Red Tried On:

My mom really likes this color, and I agree it does suit her skin tone (ty mom for being the model). However, one thing I just didn’t like about it was that it seems like a deep red, but when you put it on it comes out more crimson-rose. IMG_2057.jpg

Hmm… in this photo, it actually reminds me of the “Midnight Red” Chanel polish.IMG_2057.jpg

 Shade 2: Toast of New York

When I saw this shade, I was so excited to try it out because I’m IN LOVE with brown-Kylie Jenner Lip Kit like lipsticks 😉IMG_2051.jpg

 Here it is swatched, a very gorgeous warm brown color. IMG_2044.jpg

 Toast of New York tried on:

Again, it didn’t come out like I thought it would, it came out looking more red and warm than brown. But I actually like it because it reminds me of my MAC Matte Lipstick in the shade “Taupe”. IMG_2114.jpg

This shade is definitely my favorite one and the one I’ll be using the most! IMG_2117.jpg

 Shade 3: Vivid Violet

I do have to admit, violet lipstick scares me… but still, I’m excited to try this out. IMG_2040.jpg

 Here it is swatched, a very dark plum purple color. IMG_2047.jpg

 Vivid Violet tried on:

Again, it didn’t turn out like how it was swatched, but I actually prefer that it didn’t. It actually turned out more magenta kinda similar to the Bobbi Brown Rich Lip Color in the shade “Cosmic Raspberry”, which is not as intimidating as an eggplant-plum color.IMG_2056.jpg

I think this shade would look great with a fresh “no makeup” makeup look or with a plain monochrome outfit since it’ll really make the lipstick pop. IMG_2055.jpg

Overall, Ever Bilena’s Matte Lipstick line has great pigmentation, “matte-ness”, texture and staying power as the lipsticks really have rich colors, glide on smoothly and stay on for hours. However, just remember that the shade of the lipstick that you see doesn’t exactly translate that way when tried on, so TRY before you BUY . This lipstick retails for about ONLY P165 and honestly for lipstick that affordable, I think Ever Bilena has done a beyond fantastic job! So, if you’re looking for affordable matte lipstick, I think this is probably one of the best out there!

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