Heatless Curls

Hello gorgeous people! Like a lot of girls, I am someone with straight hair who is just obsessed with curly/ wavy hair. I mean, in fifth grade, I even got my hair permed… yeah didn’t really turn out well tbh… But for someone obsessed with curls and waves, I didn’t own a curler for about 90% of my life. Believe it or not, I bought my first curler last summer. Before that, I had to scour the internet on ways that I can achieve curls without having to use a curler. So I will share with you guys one of my top beauty secrets of all time- how I curl my hair without using heat or a curling iron. I’ve literally done this hairstyle so many times and people always ask me how I curl my hair and you’d never even guess it was done without an iron. So let’s get on and curl our hair!

All you’ll need is an ELASTIC HEADBAND.

Put the elastic headband around your head.IMG_1837.jpg

Get a strip of your hair (thickness depends on you- if you want tighter curls take thinner strips, and thicker strips for loose waves)IMG_1838.jpg

All you have to do is take that strip and twirl it over and under the elastic band.IMG_1834.jpg

Once you’ve reached the end of one strip, grab another strip and do the exact same thing.IMG_1836.jpg

Do it all around your head until every piece of your hair has been looped on the elastic band.IMG_1833.jpg

When your done, simply tuck in the last strip and it should look something like this.IMG_1835.jpg

Just take note that it’s definitely not going to look neat at all, but that’s absolutely fine!IMG_1831.jpg

Then wait for a few hours for the curls to really form. The longer the better, which is why I like to do this right before I sleep so that I get to sleep with it on for over 8 hours.IMG_1769.jpg

So, when you wake up, simply “un-loop” the strips of hair. Note: this can be quite annoying because some strips will be hard to pull out just because they’re so “looped” but just be patient because it’ll be worth it 😉IMG_1772.jpg

And here is the outcome! After removing it from the head band it’ll probably come off looking quite disastrous…IMG_1822.jpg

So what I like to do is just gently comb through it using my fingers!IMG_1823.jpg

I then like to twist it back again, just so it retains its shape.IMG_1825.jpg

And voila! I actually absolutely love the way it turns out and if you do to, then you’re probably gonna be obsessed with this method as well haha 😉IMG_1824.jpgIt looks like it’s been curled with an iron, but really it was just an elastic headband!IMG_1827.jpgAlso, if yours doesn’t turn out like mine did just remember that I’ve literally done this for years so I’ve mastered the thickness of the strips and the way I loop it to give me these kinds of results, so if it doesn’t turn out right the first time, just try again! 🙂IMG_1826.jpg

Anyways I hope you guys find this useful and definitely try this out because honestly I’ve tried SO MANY heatless curling methods and none of them work as well as this one. If you ever try this out, make sure to tag me on Instagram because I’d love love love to see it! ❤

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  1. Katie says:


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  2. Seth says:

    Do you put any hairspray on after? I’m not sure my hair would hold 😛


    1. Raya Cordova says:

      I usually don’t put hairspray just because I don’t really like “stiff” hair. I think that if you just make sure to loop it tight enough or add hair moose it’ll hold 🙂


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