BYS Haul + First Impressions

Hello gorgeous people! So, I’m introducing a new series that I’ll be adding to my blog and those are “Hauls + First Impressions”. Personally, I just love watching/reading about what other people have received or bought because it helps me discover new products to try out. So for this series, I’ll basically be showing you guys products that brands send over or products that I buy myself, then give my first impression on them.IMG_1162 (1).jpgI received these BYS makeup products a few weeks ago, but have only been able to try and experiment with them recently. Here are my first impressions!

BYS Nude 2 PaletteDSC_3668.jpgThis palette is absolutely GORGEOUS, the shadows are just absolutely beautiful and I’ve been using it every single time I go out. I am not gonna say a lot more because I did do a full review on them, and I don’t want to repeat myself and bore you guys so if you want to read it just click here.

BYS Brow Definition DSC_3654.jpgI tried this product on my brows and just did not like it at all, because it was a little too harsh, and the colors didn’t really make my brows seem natural. I was so close to giving up on these shadows, but then I was like, hey why don’t I try using these as eye shadows. And girl, these work amazing as eyeshadows! I’m a very neutral eye shadow person, I love warm, nude brown eyeshadows, which is why this brow palette is just the perfect eyeshadow palette for me. They are super pigmented, since they are meant to fill in brows… so just remember to use a light hand when applying these. Also, this just goes to show that really, there are no rules to makeup. You can use makeup products any way you like- I mean sometimes I use lipstick as blush, contour as shadows, shadows as brow powder, contour brushes as blush brushes, etc.

BYS Lip Colour DSC_3680.jpgThe moment I saw this I just knew that I wouldn’t be a fan of it, and when I tried it, I really wasn’t. It comes in orange, pink, red and magenta, and those colors just don’t suit me at all. I also don’t like the texture and I just find it quite a hassle when I have to use a lip product using a separate brush. They do last quite some time without a lip primer I must say.

BYS Eyeliner DSC_3667.jpgThe products that I just did not like about this BYS package, are the eyeliners. Both of them just did not work for me at all, First of all, the colors are just… I mean I honestly can’t think of a time when I’ll just wake up and be like “hey, I really feel like using green/silver metallic eyeliner today.” Second of all, they are SO difficult to apply- not smooth at all, the pigmentation is just not rich- I have to go over my waterline 10 times just to get good color payoff, and when I swatched it, it could barely stay on my hand for 2 hours.

BYS Sponge DSC_3653.jpgAnother product I ABSOLUTELY LOVE. Their sponges are a perfect dupe for the super expensive Beauty Blender. These are probably ⅓ the price of a beauty blender, but they act just as well. It absorbs water so well when you dampen it and applies my foundation and concealer so so so beautifully. It’s just the perfect makeup sponge! So if you’re looking for a foundation, concealer, cream contour sponge, then this would be perfect for you.

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