BYS Nude 2 Palette Review

Hey gorgeous people! So a few weeks ago I received a BYS makeup set (if you want to see the other things that I received click here) and one of the products that I was super duper duper excited about was this one. So let’s see if it’s worth the hype.


It comes in a rectangular palette. and the coating is made of like a light tin material, with the name “NUDE 2” right in front. This palette actually really reminds me of the Naked palette (number of shadows, packaging, big name on front, the name: NAKED – NUDE lol) so let’s see if this could be a potential dupe. DSC_3644.jpgBehind they’ve included photos of the shadows and their names.DSC_3645.jpgWhen you open it, the inside is made of brown plastic, and you get a full-sized mirror, which is always an excellent thing as it makes it perfect for traveling. DSC_3640.jpgNow, I’m gonna start to rant. Unlike other palettes, when you buy this one, it is packaged this way. So, I took it out and was super excited, but then when I tried to close it, it just wouldn’t close! Even now after I’ve opened and closed it multiple times, I just have such a hard time opening it and it’s a real turn off.DSC_3685.jpg


After leaving the palette in my vanity for over a month (because I was so turned off by the super stiff packaging), one day I was just like “You know Raya, you’re going to have to review it sooner or later, so just get it over with and do it now”, so I did…and OMG AMAZING. I tried out the shadows and immediately fell IN LOVE! IMG_2353.jpgIMG_2357.jpg

It consists of 12 eyeshadows – 4 matte and 8 shimmery. DSC_3672 (1).jpg

  • Morning (Matte) is a pale peach and this is one of the shadows that is a bit chalky.
  • Guest List (Shimmer) is a brown-gold-copper.
  • Selfie (Matte) is beige-white and is also quite chalky. This is an excellent highlighting shade tho. DSC_3630.jpg
  • Flirt (Shimmer) is a cool medium-copper brown. This shade is GORGEOUS.
  • VIP (Matte) is a cool mauve brown. Perfect shade to put all over your lid.
  • Photo Op (Shimmer) is a dark bronze-brown. Also GORGEOUS. DSC_3632.jpg
  • Shots  (Shimmer) is a champagne bronze, it’s a bit similar to Photo Op just a bit warmer toned.
  • Smoke Machine (Shimmer) is a grey-blue-silver color.
  • D Floor (Shimmer) is a silver with a slight purple undertone. DSC_3633.jpg
  • Pickup (Shimmer) is a light brown-bronze. GORGEOUS.
  • Heels Off (Shimmer) is a silver-purple color.
  • Midnight (Matte) is an intense black color. DSC_3639.jpg

Pigmentation: Very rich and pigmented! The shimmery shadows just give me life, they’re so so gorgeous! DSC_3650.jpg

Application:  They also apply smoothly and blend really really well! I mean, they’re definitely not as buttery as high-end shadows, and as usual, the light matte shades are quite chalky, but for something that’s ⅓ the price of a Naked palette, it does a beyond amazing job! DSC_3668.jpg

Like seriously, I’ve been using this palette NON-STOP (I mean the picture below just shows how much I love it). I am seriously so happy that I received 2 of this palette because I’m sure that I’m gonna hit the pan of my first one very very soon. DSC_3642.jpg

The shadows in this palette are amazing! The colors are GORGEOUS, they apply smoothly, blend super easily, and last really long. Honestly, the shadows blew me away that I was able to overlook the fact that the packaging is not exactly the best. So, if you’re looking for an affordable high quality palette (which trust me is very difficult to find) then this is definitely for you. The color of the eyeshadows in this palette make it very versatile-you can use this for a classic no-makeup makeup look to a full on red carpet glam look. For only P1199.00 you’ll get highlighting shades, contouring shades, glam shimmery shades, and a very rich matte black. Trust me, you won’t regret it at all! So if you can’t afford to go Naked, go Nude 😉

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