Hello beautiful people of the web, welcome to my blog! ❤

I created this blog because I have a passion for anything related to beauty! I believe that all of us are extremely gorgeous in our own beautiful way and that makeup is not a tool to create beauty but simply to enhance the beauty that’s already within all of you. Using this blog, I wish to help you by providing makeup reviews that’ll give you an insight on products you plan on purchasing, sharing DIYs, tutorials and hacks to make magnifying your beauty so much easier. Always keep in mind, you’re just as beautiful without makeup as you are with it ❤

Also, I’d LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to connect with you guys so if you want you can DM me on Instagram or just comment saying hello and I’ll definitely comment back and check your profile out because I’d love to get to know some of the readers of this blog, because you guys make my day ❤ 

 What to expect from this blog:

As of now there are 4 “segments” of my blog and those are:

  • REVIEWS: beauty reviews of certain beauty products (makeup, tools, skin products, hair products, etc…)
  • HACKS: beauty hacks that’ll make life so much easier (ex: Eyeliner Hacks, Lipstick Hacks, etc…)
  • HOW TO: sort of like a tutorial or guide on how to do certain makeup looks or beauty routines (ex: cleaning beauty tools, makeup looks, beauty routines etc…)
  • DIYs: beauty products you can make yourself! (ex: DIY nail designs, dry shampoo, lip scrub, body scrub, etc…)

Insight on some series/ things I plan on doing from March-July:

  • Monthly Favorites
  • Beauty Myths Series
  • Beauty Trends that need to DIE
  • Beauty Challenges (No Mirror Makeup Challenge, P500 Makeup Challenge, 10 min. Makeup Challenge, etc.)
  • Branching out to youtube..???

Connect with me:


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